About Us


The People’s Forum on Peace for Life traces its roots to the Ecumenical Conference on Terrorism in a Globalized World held in Manila in September 2002 where it was agreed to form a new ecumenical alliance that will build faith-based resistance to the terror of war and economic globalization. It was formally launched in Davao City in 2004 as the organizational expression of a common yearning among people of faith to use the power of spirituality to resist the life-threatening forces of global hegemony.

The People’s Forum on Peace for Life is a movement for change, and as such derive its impetus from the global uprising for peace and the transformative force of faith. It provides a space for sharing cultural heritage, mutual support and reflection, and a site of on-going contestation and change.

Leadership Group
Selected from members of the WORKING GROUP

MODERATOR : Yong-bock Kim (South Korea)
Omega Bula (Zambia)

Peter Paul Sengson (Philippines)
COORDINATOR : Carmencita Karagdag (Philippines)

Working Group

Pamela Brubaker (USA), California Lutheran University

Omega Bula (Zambia), former United Church of Canada

Wilfred D’Costa (India), Indian Social Action Forum

Christopher Ferguson (Canada/Colombia), World Council of Reformed Churches

Rifat Odeh Kassis (Palestine), Kairos Palestine

Yong-bock Kim (South Korea), Asia Pacific Center for Integral Study of Life

Luciano Kovacs (Italy/USA), World Student Christian Federation – North America

Liza Maza (Philippines), International Women’s Alliance

Chandra Muzaffar (Malaysia), International Movement for a Just World

Peter Paul Sengson (Philippines), University of the Philippines Muslim Students Association

William Stanley (India), Integrated Rural Development of Weaker Sections in India

Esha Faki Mwinyihaji (Kenya) *Co-opted, Muslim-Christian Feminist Alliance